Central lubrication

Centrally lubricated -

progressively distributed

Always coordinated to the customer’s requirements: The REBS central lubrication system for oil and grease lubrication can be effected both manually and automatically. The output is generally monitored visibly and by electronic means – for smooth operation of all functions. The distribution of the lubricant is effected using a progressive distributor. However, upon request a dual-line distributor can be used.

The systems combine the advantages of reliable functioning and direct system monitoring with the minimal efforts of a simple pipe installation. The oil or grease is dosed by the pistons to the distributors and fed directly to the sub-distributors or the lubrication points. This system can be adapted to any number of lubrication points.

We are happy to also equip central lubrication systems with the tried-and-tested TURBOLUB® principle – for even more efficiency.

Advantages of REBS central lubrication

  • The lubricant is supplied either manually or automatically
  • Progressive distributors distribute the lubricant fed by a pump in precise amounts
  • Different outlet amounts can be determined by various elements or combining outlets
  • Up to 30 outlets are possible
  • O-rings ensure absolute tightness between the elements