Quality management

Quality is our foundation.

For us, quality is not optional; it is the very basis of our work and our success. Our systems deliver what they promise, mostly over many decades. We provide high-quality service with commitment and much know-how, so that things run smoothly at our customers.

Excerpt from the REBS quality policy

“Our objective is to fulfil the quality demands of our customers, to advise and support them so that an optimum solution can be achieved. Products from REBS are characterised by their high product quality. This also applies for an optimum service – starting with the initial contact with the customer and through to the commissioning of our products and beyond. REBS Quality starts with the careful and methodical definition of the product requirements. All efforts in the quality management system are aimed at producing reliable and safe products. Each employee is called upon to make his contribution to quality management.”

In addition to our own high quality requirements, we comply with various industrial standards in order to provide our customers with more comparability and transparency. Here you can download a little piece of our quality in black and white.



DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

IRIS Standard

DIN EN 15085-2-E

DIN EN ISO 14001

"We want to convince with the high quality and reliability of our products in the face of competition."
REBS quality policy