Railway technology

Quiet and reduced wear en route –

For over 30 years REBS has been concentrating on the development of wheel flange lubrication systems (WFL), as well as rail head and top of rail treatment (TOR) with the patented TURBOLUB® system. State-of-the-art, very precise technology and the decades of experience of REBS are the basis for successful system solutions. Because only so is it possible to reduce railway noise, which is particularly annoying for passengers and residents, material wear and energy consumption.

In cooperation with various research and technology centres and long-standing customers we regularly perform vibration and climate room tests, as well as EMC tests, thus ensuring a unique quality standard of our systems. The checking rate of the individual components is 100%. Together we also developed the new generation overhead contact wire deicing for trams (CWDS). It provides a significant increase in the reliability of rail operation in winter and prevents trams from stopping as a result of frost.

Advantages of REBS top of rail treatment

  • No spin-off of lubricant due to very thin layer thickness
  • Significant reduction in noise, in particular when using lubricants with high solid matter content