Top of Rail Treatment (TOR)

Fine dosing for smooth journey

Our decades of experience in the area of mobile top of rail treatment is reflected in the successful application by many transport services at home and abroad.

With our systems, which are installed in the vehicle, it is possible to dose lubricant containing solid matter through the curve and onto the rail surface, preferably the inside of the rail. The cornering squeal is reduced significantly through the treatment of the rail head, and in some cases is eliminated completely. Also rail wear and ripple formation are thwarted.

Advantages of REBS Top of Rail Treatment:

  • considerable reduction in noise and wear
  • avoidance of cornering squeal
  • avoidance of formation of ripples thanks to the high solid matter content
  • reduction of the friction coefficient (corresponding to the friction coefficient when rails are wet)
  • reduced lubricant consumption
  • system requiring low maintenance
  • long service life of the REBS system
  • tried-and-tested and quality-tested systems
  • user friendliness of entire system

Your benefits:

  • considerable reduction in noise (e.g. high-frequency corner squealing)
  • cost-savings thanks to reduction in wear
  • maximum process reliability
  • unbeatable efficiency
  • quickly pays for itself
  • high availability