Chain lubrication

Chain lubrication -

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Chains are used in many industry areas for power transmission or transport purposes. To reduce the wear at chain links, and thus increase the service life, they generally require lubrication. Reliable chain lubrication also reduces premature chain failure and minimises repair costs.

For decades REBS chain lubrication systems have been ensuring the highest possible process reliability in industry thanks to exact dosing of the lubricant. This is why leading companies from diverse industries all over the world place their trust in over 30,000 REBS chain lubrication systems.

Our broad product range – whether it is for shifting lubrication points or oil lubrication of chain pins for all types of conveyor systems – satisfies the most discerning customer requirements.

On the following pages you can see what lubrication system, contactless or contact, we can offer you.

Advantages of REBS chain lubrication

  • Considerable reduction of wear and noise
  • No spray (airless)
  • Significant increase in service life of chains
  • Adjustable lubrication frequency
  • Targeted oil drops on the wear point
  • No contamination of transported material
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Environment-friendly thanks to metered oil quantities; no environmental pollution
  • Monitoring of solenoid pump is available as an option
Solenoid pump