Spurkranzschmierung (WFL)

Particularly good for sharp bends and curves.

Over 25 years ago REBS developed the wheel flange lubrication system based on the monotube system and up to today substantially shapes this technology.

The lubricant reaches the nozzles directly via the patented TURBOLUB® distributor. When the oil-air mixture is discharged fine drops emerge which wet the wheel flange. The lubricant is also transferred onto the subsequent wheels by the contact between the wheel and rail. The wear and annoying screeching noise in particular at bends and curves are thus reduced.

The developers in REBS have also found a solution for the restricted capacity of the compressors in vehicles. The lubrication systems are controlled and monitored via the freely programmable controller “Rematic”. The lubricant can thus be sprayed depending on the path, time or curve.

Wheel Flange Lubrication (WFL)

  • Considerable reduction in wear of
    wheel/rail system
  • Longer service life of wheel and rail (bends on tracks and switching)
  • Significant reduction in noise – particularly with the use of lubricants
    with solid matter content
  • Environmentally-friendly lubricants, also with solids
  • Low maintenance thanks
    to simple components and years of experience
  • Big cost savings through considerable reduction in wear levels