Reference letter of POSCO (extract)

TURBOLUB® Oil-air-lubrication

Since long, from the year of 1985, POSCO is operating REBS TURBOLUB® System very successfully on cold and hot operation sides.

If we take an example, TURBOLUB® System at one continuous casting machine at Kwangyang Works is operating excellently since years even without placing any spare parts purchase order.
All our Plate Mills are equipped qith TURBOLUB® System as well as parts of Hot Strip Mills, annealing furnaces of Silicon Steel Mill, and other mill areas.

Since all TURBOLUB® Systems as above give excellent performance, POSCO decided to use it at continuous casters of both plants, Pohang Works and Kwangyang Works as well. Now, it has become POSCO’s basics to specify TURBOLUB® System in Purchase Specification for all new continuous casting and rolling mill projects.

We thank you for the good cooperation with excellent technology and we hope it will continue in future.